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Today I chat to Samantha for our motivating mum feature. Samantha is a Sydney girl, but has lived and travelled all over the world and says “When I was in London I picked myself up a handsome English dude with a beard and brought him back to Australia with me, and we’ve resettled by the beach in Sydney”.

Samantha is mum to one “hilarious little babelett boy, but had a period of post-natal depression for about 8 months after he was born which made me reassess pretty much everything in my life. Happily, the story ends well and things are smiley in this world again” says Samantha.

“My best friend described me as a yay-sayer at my wedding, and I think that’s me to a tee. I love new adventures, experiences, meeting new people and being excited about life in general”.

Samantha is passionate about her friends and family, reading, horse riding, finding the freedom that lies within her (and her clients) and living life to the fullest.

Fast facts

Name:  Samantha Sutherland

Where do you live: Coogee, Sydney Australia. I look out over the ocean every day J

Who do you live with: my husbandito and one year old kidlet. A boy one.

Favourite Colour: RED! And yellow

Favourite Food: chocolate with red wine

Favourite item of clothing: pretty much anything by Lululemon, plus my new Witchery jumpsuit

Favourite quote/saying: ”How we spend out days is, of course, how we spend our lives” – Annie Dillard

Finish this sentence? I can’t start the day without… being woken up by my bambino. Literally, I think I’ve had to set the alarm about 3 times since he was born.

What do you do in your professional life?

I am CEO and chief fun-maker of The Everyday Adventure.

I’m a corporate refugee who now helps people live awesome lives! A lot of women with children feel like they’ve lost their way a bit, and miss something of themselves and their old life. I really believe that you can stop feeling trapped, live joyfully and love your life, right where you are! There’s no need to quit your job, break up with your family and move to the other side of the world. It’s all about finding the adventure in the everyday, living life to the fullest, and spending time looking after yourself. Be free, be happy, right where you are.


What does an average day in the life look like for you?

It depends for me whether it’s a work day or a kidlet day, so there’s no real average.

On a work day I might:

Get woken up by the dude, then bring him into our bed for a morning bottle and cuddle. Meditate while he plays for a while. Get all the paraphernalia together that you need when you take a child anywhere, and after breakfast, get him to daycare.

I’ll often work from a café for the morning, writing, setting up events and workshops, submitting articles for publishing, developing programs. Then around lunchtime I’ll do yoga, or go for a horse ride.

In the afternoon I’m a bit less structured. I might have clients, or I might take it easy and go to the beach! Sometimes I work from home for the afternoon, or tidy up a bit, cook, or if something big is happening at work then I’ll sort that out.

Pick the kidlet up, and when it’s summer we’ll stop at the beach on the way home for a family swim. Then dinner and bathtime, I still find that 5-7pm period pretty hectic, though I never try to work or anything during that time in an attempt to remove all stresses.

After dinner is any combo of working (I quite like working in the evening, as a self-professed night owl I can be quite productive!), heading out with friends for dinner/drinks/something interesting, a night home with the hub and the bub, a night out with the hub not the bub, clients, and sometimes a ridiculously early bedtime to make up for previous night(s).

What is the best thing about being a working mum?

I love my work. I love my child. I think I might like both of them a little bit less if I didn’t have the other in my life. Being a mum has totally brought out the playfulness in me again, while the period of post natal depression made me reassess everything and really craft the life I wanted to be living. Working gives me a connection to other entrepreneurs, and gives me the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives!

What do you do for me time?

Horse ride, yoga, meditate, read, see friends (for some people that may not seem like me time, but I’m totally extroverted and get energized being around people a lot).

What is on your reading list?

Oo, great question, I love reading! I’ve got about 12 books waiting for me on my kindle. At the moment I’m loving Margaret Attwood’s short stories, Stone Mattress, and have The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay waiting for me in the wings. I read a lot of fiction, and also self-help/business books.


Do you multi-task? Why or why not?

Mainly no. I find I have way more fun with whatever I’m doing if I’m doing only that one thing. So if I’m feeding the dude, I’ll just make a game of it. If I’m writing an article, I’ll focus fully on that. The exception is cooking. Which, come to think of it, might be why I don’t love cooking!

What advice would you give to other working mums to make the juggle easier?

Give yourself a break. Both literally – you need some time off, time to yourself, enough sleep, and a full well so you can look after your family – and figuratively – you’re doing a great job. Like, really great. Don’t be too hard on yourself, at the end of this one precious life there are no awards for being the most perfectionist, or having the tidiest kids’ rooms, or making the most home-cooked meals. Focus on being happy, living joyfully, and letting your kids laugh and be joyful. Everything else is just detail.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Right now, I’m loving Sydney! The only thing I’d add is an extra room for my office, overlooking the ocean (at the moment I work in the open plan living area). We’ve oftentimes discussed living in Switzerland for a year, to experience the full range of all the seasons, and because the hub and I both love hiking. So maybe one day we’ll live there for a year.

Who is your cheer squad?

My husband, totally. But also a wonderful group of entrepreneur friends. I’ve got an hilarious and supportive mastermind group, the world’s best coach, and friends who are living the entrepreneur life so understand all the stages of it!

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