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Today I am thrilled to chat with Naomi Arnold about her work, family and how she juggles it all. Naomi is mother to an almost two year old boy and two furry animals (a dog and a cat).

Her father was shockingly diagnosed with terminal brain cancer last year, so her and her husband decided to sell their home in Canberra and move back to Queensland to be near family and to pursue their business dreams. “I am currently living with my parents, while my husband works in Brisbane and returns home to be with us two weeks in each month” Naomi says.

Naomi is a life + wellness coach with a background in psychology, counseling and health.

“I am super passionate about supporting women who are juggling lots of balls and are so busy looking after others, that sometimes looking after themselves doesn’t come as naturally. I help them get to know themselves and their needs better, as well as their inner strengths and resources, in order to find the time, clarity and direction to pursue their version of a healthy, happy and purposeful life” she says.

When she is not supporting women in finding their unique path to creating a life and body they love – you’ll likely find her soaking up as much family time as possible or stealing a quiet moment to herself with a book, a pencil, her running shoes, or some other instrument for self-care or self-expression.

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Fast facts

Name: Naomi Arnold

Where do you live: Yeppoon, Queensland

Who do you live with: I am currently living with my almost 2 year old son and my parents. My husband works away, but returns to live with us for two weeks in the month.

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food: Oh my, it is too hard to pick just one food! Dark chocolate, eggplant, zucchini, coconut water, pineapple…

Favourite item of clothing: I feel like such a dag saying this, but to be totally honest it is leggings. I’m a huge fan of leggings…

Favourite quote/saying: I created this quote or affirmation to help me be more conscious of the importance of self care in my life: “Self care is just as important as every other item on my To Do list”.

Finish this sentence? I can’t start the day without… a moment of stillness before the chaos.

What do you do in your professional life?

I run my own business and blog called Project Healthy Happy Me. I offer one-on-one coaching services to help women build a life and body they love. This often involves them establishing beautiful self-care practices, finding and living their ‘purpose’, making connections with like-minded people, building their confidence, and/or learning to love and accept themselves. I also spend a lot of my working time writing and creating – both for my own blog and business, and for external sources. I am constantly creating free resources and content for my website and newsletter subscribers in the hope to assist women with building a life and body they love, even when they cannot yet afford to invest in my one-on-one support and guidance.

What does an average day in the life look like for you?

I naturally wake up around 6.30am and squeeze in my morning meditation and journaling practice before getting my son out of bed by 7am. We then have breakfast with my mother, before she heads off to work. Around 8am, my son Daniel and I go for a walk through the bush near our house and stop to peak at the horses in the paddocks at the end of the track. When we get home, I make us all a green juice and my Dad babysits while I work for the morning. After we have lunch together and Daniel sleeps, we usually head outside to water the vegie garden and play for a while, before coming in to have dinner together and prepare for bed. If I don’t have an evening session with a client, I try to do something for me (e.g., read, watch a movie, have a bath, colour-in) once Daniel is asleep before heading to bed myself around 10pm.

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What is the best thing about being a working mum?

I think the best thing about being a working mum is that I am doing something else that lights me up and makes me feel like I am making a difference in the world in my own unique way. Plus, I am super lucky right now, and get to work from home and see my little boy during the day. It feels like the best of both worlds.

What do you do for me time?

I make a conscious effort to squeeze in me time a few times throughout the day. I meditate, journal, move my body, and try to spend time in nature each day. At least once a week, I also try to do some form of art or colouring, read books, have a bath, or some other form of quiet time.

What is on your reading list?

I’m in between books at the moment. I just finished reading Lisa Messenger’s Life & Love and am about to start reading a novel called The Dark Dream by Lilly Sommers again. Given my job, I tend to read a lot of psychology, personal development, wellness, health and professional development related books – but lately I have been making a conscious effort to read more fiction. I am trying to mix things up with different genres – so feel free to recommend any fab reads to me!

What is your biggest challenge in being a working mum?

Historically, my biggest challenge as a working mum has been ‘time’ and perfectionism. However, I have found ways to turn time on my side and to learn to ‘let go’ more – to be more organised, productive, and relaxed – and to ‘free up’ more time for my passions and loves.

What advice would you give to other working mums to make the juggle easier?

I have so many tips to help working mums make the juggle easier. To keep this brief(ish), my top three would be:

  • Ask for help. Start to deliberately look for areas in your life where you could ask for help. This might mean talking to your family or loved ones about how they can help you, or even investing in a professional. There is no shame in asking for help. It isn’t a weakness. It is a sign of integrity and strength.
  • Learn to say “no”. This can be really difficult, especially for the most caring and giving amongst us. As a starting point, it can sometimes help to come up with a script that you can practice using that will ‘buy’ you time to prepare for a “no” response (e.g., “Thanks so much for inviting me. I am super busy at the moment – would you please just give me a day or so to check my calendar and speak to my husband.”). This will then give you time to decide whether you really want to go and how you can hopefully respond less anxiously with a prepared and well-considered “no”.
  • Consciously look for ways that you can ‘find time’ for self care and me time. What can you cross off your To Do list? What can you delegate to others? What systems can you put in place to make things like housework and meal planning more effective (pssst my free wellness toolkit has some fab resources to help with this), where do you have a spare 5-10 minutes that you can take for yourself? I promise, finding time for self care and me time will not only make you more happy – but will help you be more clear headed and productive too.

What is your favourite easy weeknight meal? 

My fave easy weeknight meal is vegie pizza or grills. As a base, I usually use whatever I have in the pantry or fridge – wholemeal pita wraps or even bread will do the trick. I top the wraps with whatever vegies I have in the fridge that need using up (usually sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, onion, mushroom, pineapple) and sprinkle a little cheese on top, pop it in the oven to brown up, and it’s done! Quick and super easy. I also have a range of other recipes on my blog and in my wellness toolkit that are family favourites.

What is your favourite family activity?

My favourite family activity is getting outside and soaking up the sun and fresh air together. Nature energises and inspires me – and my little man absolutely loves the outdoors. Walking in the bush, playing outside on the grass, exploring the beach. Watching Daniel giggle, smile, and point at everything is THE BEST.

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